How to Clear, Charge, and Activate Your New Crystal

Congratulations on your newest Crystal Baby!! This is an awesome day! Let's celebrate the new collaboration that will come from it! 


So, What now? 

Ah!! Here we are, your baby sitting on your bed or countertop, waiting to bring it's power to bear in your favor, but it doesn't really feel like the old friend you were expecting...

"What am I supposed to do with you now?" you wonder...never fear, My Love, I got you! 


First Things, First...

Your baby has been through a lot to get to you: growing, birth, shipping, and all the other people who have touched or been near it until the time you took it home. 

That's a lot to feel and receive and give. As such, they're a little bit 'tired'. Like after a really good, really long hike. You're a bit dusty, and feeling worn out. 

It's ok, we can get that cleared out! 


Blowing smoke rings in the dark..

What we will be needing first, and foremost is some white sage. Lots of crystal places sell it, (heck, even I do!) and it's my preferred way to help clear out all that unneeded energy - both for yourself and your baby. Yep, this is approved for crystal parents too! 

White Sage Bundle

Some schools of thought will tell you to use water, but that's not always advisable. Some minerals will not tolerate water, while others can give off dangerous fumes!! I feel like sage is a better alternative. 

All you need do is light the bundle and 'bathe' the crystal in the rising smoke. They love it! And as for when to know if it's clean enough...just use your intuition. You'll be able to tell. 


Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh...

Just kidding! It's not that expensive or demanding to give your baby a nice refreshing bath! We all need some pampering now and then, don't we? Why would a crystal be any different? 

Crystals like self care just like we do! And my favorite way to give it to them is with something called Palo Santo...

*Swoons* I do love that smell!! 

Palo Santo is grown in South America and to be sustainable as a product and export, it is illegal to kill the trees. All you can harvest are the dead branches and trees. 

Piece of Palo Santo

To effect a good 'perk up', once again, just light the piece of wood, allow it to burn a little, then dowse the baby in the smoke. (Give yourself some of that love too! It's so yummy!!)


Top it off with a bow...

Actually, what this freshly bathed baby needs next is some time to 'charge'. I use Satin Spar, more commonly known as Selenite. 

Selenite Wand

Selenite is an amazing mineral itself, it gives a boost to all the friends it comes into contact with. Of course, this is more easily handled if your Selenite is charged and cleared itself, so don't forget to do that too! 

Once you're all finished though, place your baby on or near a piece of SS and you will each sleep soundly and wake ready to take on the day!! 


"Manual, relay instructions.."

The last step is to tell the crystal what you want it to help you with. Not as weird as it sounds, I promise.

Like all other types of energy, this energy needs to know where or how you want help. Otherwise, you're charged but are you getting the results you want? Probably not.

When I am activating my crystals, be they in a bracelet, tumble, or sphere; it's all pretty much the same thing.

Hold the crystal in your right hand (or place you hand on it if it's bigger) and say "I now activate this crystal for the purpose of ..." and that energy will go with you in all it's glory!


Crossing the Finish Line...

Every now and again be sure to repeat this process. Crystals need charging at regular intervals just like phones and people. Also, consider that if you're beginning to feel like maybe it's not acting the way it used to, it could be time for a new mantra or affirmation.

You may have gotten to the point in your journey where the old one doesn't serve you, or your baby, anymore. Think of them as course corrections; they are necessary to get to the moon! 


If you have any questions, holler! I'd love to hear your feedback! Have fun my loves!!