Clear Quartz Garden

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Oh my goodness, this Garden!! I just can't even. 

I tell ya, I have spent so much time just loving on this guy! I swear there is something new to discover with each new vantage point! He just won't stop!! Did I mention, there are caves?? Yeah. 

This gorgeous George is ready to come home to some one and sit on the bookshelf or a desk. He is sure to be one of those pieces that everyone is going to want to look at good and long! 

Quartz is one of those magical stones that opens you up to light and wellness in any and all aspects of your life. It helps you uncover your limits and guides you to the light in being able to find solutions. 

A Garden is especially handy to have because the light and energy is directed so many different ways, so it basically has every aspect of your life covered. Be open to the messages and ideas that pop into your head as you meditate on this one, he's got a lot to say! 


Astrology: All

Chakras: All