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These amazing friends are Carborundum, at least that's the name given to it. Carborundum is actually a man-made crytal similar to Goldstone. It is acutally called Silicone Carbide. It was created accidentally created by Edward G. Acheson in 1891 while he was trying to create diamonds with electricity. Lucky for us!! 

Carborundum is useful for a whole host of things, it can clear all chakras as well as help ease dissagreements or tension in relationships. And excellent protector agains negative energy, it will also help protect you again EMF.

When feeling weak or disheartened, Carborundum can help you feel bolstered and capable. It is also a crystal that will be great for lifting your mood! Not feeling very motiviated?? He's got you there as well! A master healer, he will help you overcome eyestrain from working on the computer all day as well as opening you up to your intuition. 


Chakras: All


*All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.