Lemurian Mother & Child Quartz with Chlorite Phantom

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This beautiful double terminated, Lemurian, Mother & Child Quartz is just waiting to come home and sit with you!

Her energy is chill and relaxed with a mind to resolve those things that have been put off for another time. The Chlorite inclusions ensures a gentle heart-centered cleanse. 

Together these two minerals will provide and unblocking of the chakras and alignment of all meridians. As a Mother and Child formation, expect those movements to be most felt in areas of your life where relationships have struggled most, especially the relationship you have with your Inner Child. 

This crystal will assist you in working through past hurts and fears while also making sure you feel loved and supported in all the ups and downs you will encounter. An excellent stone for feel safe and secure!


Chakras: All, especially heart

Astrology: Pisces 


*All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.