Moss Agate Tower

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Y'all, I seriously can't with this one. I just can't. 

Moss Agate is the one you want to have with you when you are lagging mentally, or work inside a lot and can't find time to connect with Mother Gaia. A great friend to those who work in the outdoors or are into aromatherapy or even gardening, Moss Agate connects you to the earth to help you feel confident, grounded and supported! An Earthbending rock to be sure. 

Pyrite is to help remind you of your boundaries and your own greatness and strength. When you are feeling shaky in your self-worth, this guy has got you. The sparkle of the pyrite reminds you of your own sparkle and to trust in your own worth. Time to own it! You got this! 

Measurements: 7/8" wide at the base by 2 1/8" tall


Chakras: Moss Agate - Heart & Root 

               Pyrite - Root, Navel, & Solar Plexus 

Astrology: Moss Agate -Taurus 

                 Pyrite - Pyrite


*All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.