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If there is one crystal I feel everyone would benefit from having around, it's this guy! 

Tourmalinated Quartz (let's call him TQ from now on, that's a lot to type) is an all around protector. Think of Him as your energetic body guard! Black Tourmaline, as we know, protects from EMFs we are subject to thanks to our amazing technological gadgets, but He also protects against psychic attacks! Not too shabby!! 

Now, when you pair that with the amplification of clear quartz, you get to go deeper and make a more lasting impact. What about those triggers you're constantly coming up against? That one person who just always rubs you the wrong way?? Yup, He's here to help you figure out why and move on so you don't have to waste that energy anymore.

This crystal is excellent for rejuvenation too!! Imagine how good it would feel to have an energetic and emotional cleanse! Well, He's down to help you with that as well! An all around amazing guy, he will help you bring out the dark and icky, so you can bathe your soul and aura in light and peace. 

Weights and Variants: 

"A" - 1.8 Ounces

"B" - 1.7 Ounces

"C" - 1.9 Ounces 

Chakras: Root

Astrology: Scopio & Gemini


*All crystal healing information provided is intended for spiritual guidance. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.